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The first service apartments opening in sunshine town

Date: 2018-12-12

On December 11, 2018, 10 o 'clock in the morning, sunshine town farce bay Shanghai green cloud service apartments for the opening ceremony officially held in hall 1 floor apartment.China (Shanghai) free trade area management committee, Mr Xiao-feng gu, deputy director of administration of jinqiao, pudong new area, Shanghai tourism exhibition service center, deputy director of Mr Jiang Gangsheng, executive vice President Mr Jian-bin wu, group vice President and general manager of human resources and administrative center, general manager Mr RaoJun, group vice President and Mr Zhao-qiang zhang, general manager of product research and development center, group vice President and general manager of Shanghai region, general manager of company President Mr Rivers, group business management center rogam im.arthroscopic debridement lady took part in the ceremony.

The sun provides growth experience quality

Sunshine town farce bay is a subsidiary of sunshine town rent the apartment high-end product is a brand of the business, and the opening of Shanghai green cloud service apartments is a farce bay brand first floor project.Companies in the Shanghai region and even the sunshine town first apartment project, Shanghai green cloud service apartments in sunshine originality for residents to create growth experience at home and more friendly, comfortable and convenient living space.

Apartment rendering

Apartment is located in pudong new area, Shanghai maple road, is a mainly geared to the needs of a large multinational company management, the core staff, international school students, faculty, and business travelers and other high-end customers to rent the apartment, also for Shanghai is currently the largest and the most innovative of the international community.In pudong green cloud above existing form a complete set of mature, the international community project is equipped with 24-hour front desk service, gym, executive lounge provide meticulous service in the warm sunshine.

Public space map

Apartment currently rented rooms a total of 180 sets, the apartment 152 sets, villa July 28.On the features of both hotel and residential characteristics, can satisfy the travel/stationed, single/family living demand diversity, for Chinese and foreign business elite and the people in the business travel to provide high quality, fine service, healthy and comfortable type of living the life that occupy the home.

Apartment between example map Three years of originality Create new personalized apartment

In 2015 began to study rent the apartment business, according to the company in 2017 "three full" investment strategy, accelerate the development of "all forms of" process, the official in Shanghai, shenzhen pilot began to rent the apartment layout, and sunshine town bay blue cloud service apartments in Shanghai, make contributions to the development of the housing rental market and enhancing the quality of witness.

On how to avoid and other rent the apartment homogeneity, the group also gives a new answer to sunshine town.

Rent the apartment team composed of senior service apartments, hotels, and business integration of team members from each director in the project operation, combining business projects and rent the project, to revitalize the property of the upper cover operations with a commercial complex mode;Later in the operation, also can experience managing a publishing business import rent the project, and creating more experience services and community activities, the formation of personality in sunshine town.

Previously, sunshine town. Farce bay Shanghai blue cloud service apartments project also successfully became China's first single a-share listed private companies to rent apartment REITS project.The sunshine town bay Shanghai blue cloud service apartments opening, is the layout in the future, explore the rent the apartment business milestone.

In the future, as the high growth of green real estate operators, will be "quality scale step tree" benchmarking strategy under the guidance of attempts to positively with the mindset of open innovation, continuously explore, follow the "development" of all forms of footsteps, to create a more green environmental protection, healthy and comfortable, the wisdom of the good life experience and effort!