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The Shanghai tourism bureau and shamed shangri-la waldorf-astoria hotel

Date: 2018-09-29

Held on September 27th, the Shanghai tourism bureau "face into bo find gap investigations briefing", s. researchers found that the shangri-la, waldorf astoria exist some non-standard services such as star hotel, remains to be further improved.

Held for the first China international exposition, improve the service brand image, improve tourism service quality in the hotel industry, Shanghai municipal tourism administration entrust a third party ZhiXie user evaluation center of Shanghai and the Shanghai branch in the hotel industry, tourism industry association for experiential monitoring of 46 tourist hotel in Shanghai.

"Starting from July this year, the working group staff a two-month experiential monitoring."This afternoon, the city tourist hotel star rating committee director Huang Tiemin said, the monitoring of the experience of "dark" into dark out ways, for the first time, the hotel's complete coverage of different types, distribution areas, adopt the mode of mobilization to inform beforehand, afterward feedback summary, area wide, attention degree is high.Monitoring method is novelty, to form a formed by industry experts and investigations member of investigations experience to monitor the group form, the old and new, professional complementary collocation, examination content more targeted and authority.

Happily, Shanghai each tourist hotel to face into fair attaches great importance to the ideological, solid measures and atmosphere;National brand hotel development is rapid, local professional talents to stand out, pay attention to the most attention to the satisfaction of the guests and comfort of high product work;Active service consciousness enhancement, reflected in the service and innovation by walking around the personalized service, etc.

Caption: tea and drinks are investigations found no production date?Xinmin evening news reporter Yang Yugong perturbation

"Investigations, the potential safety hazard is most prominent, nearly one-third of the hotel was found some problems.Among them, the jing 'an district diffuse heart hotel there are 35 service non-standard place."Huang Tiemin bulletin, first of all, part of the safety facilities of the hotel equipment damage, including Shanghai hongqiao new hualian sofitel tea bag in the room did not see the production date, jinshan a home stay facility provide drinks without production date in the rooms, chongming area by sheraton hotel rooms unreinforced socket panel easy to fall off, etc.Second, the part of the hotel's online service channel is not smooth, for example, jiading district, is there a safe in the description of xietong hotel reservation and refrigerators, room but have not found, jing 'an district shangri-la hotel booking double bed standard room, big bed is provided to the guest room, etc.Third, part of the hotel concierge staff service there is not standard, for example, jing 'an district shangri-la hotel lobby staff did not take the initiative to help the disabled, is located in the bund of waldorf astoria delay the guest check-in time, etc.

The reporter learns from the municipal tourism administration, the problems in the working group will be taking the investigations, through the form of a written feedback to the hotel, and ask the hotel to further improve, improve the service details, with the best quality service to meet the guests at home and abroad.