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2018 HOTELEX Shanghai bend force to build the hotel catering industry annual feast

Date: 2018-01-31

March 26 solstice 29, 2018, sponsored by the bower in Shanghai international exhibition co., LTD., 27th session of Shanghai international hotel and restaurant industry exposition HOTELEX show hotel (first), will be held in Shanghai new international expo center (longyang road no. 2345).

After 26 years of development, has become the HOTELEX hotel catering and high-end food and beverage exhibition.Along with Chinese restaurant food, hotel comprehensive industry structure changing, HOTELEX always focus on the high-end restaurant in the hotel, and the development of food industry, for upstream and downstream enterprises to provide comprehensive exhibition and exchange platform.

2017 HOTELEX review: elegance is outstanding, artistically

As a renowned industry with professional and quality comprehensive expo, 2017 HOTELEX Shanghai no matter from the display size or number of buyers, a previous high.

The show a total of 143500 professional visitors to visit the exhibition;Total exhibition attendance is 2015 increased by 22.98%;The audience from 125 countries and regions;The expo 2352 industry leading brand and on behalf of the enterprise, has brought together from mainland China, Italy, Spain, the United States, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other countries and regions of the exhibitors;Besides Shanghai fair as the mother exhibition HOTELEX will show more territory extends to the southwest (chengdu), southern China (guangzhou), north China (Beijing), flowering, forming four linkage, will lit the enthusiasm of the restaurant industry practitioners around the hotel.
2018 HOTELEX outlook: all rivers run into sea, superior quality

The upcoming 2018 HOTELEX will bring what kind of surprise?

First, in a year to expand the exhibition area and editorial content at the same time, constantly improve their own comprehensive strength, more comprehensive promotion will be "quality" concept, all-round meet the different needs of between suppliers and professional buyers.After preliminary will be split refinement hotel exhibition in 2017, 2018 HOTELEX hotel show 1st and 2nd stage of each exhibition section more abundant resources, highlight the perfection of high professional and fine.One hotel exhibition period, respectively covers: food and beverage equipment, desktop items, coffee and tea, beverage, cooking food, baking, ice cream, wine and spirits, such as display area;Hotel development phase ii is including: fitness club, guest room supplies, hotel cloth grass, IT security, construction, hotels, hotel design, lighting, hotel cleaning, hotel furniture, etc., for the hotel food and beverage, high-end food and hotel construction professionals to provide one-stop sourcing platform.

Second, HOTELEX a total exhibition area of 2018 is expected to cover an area of 250000 square meters, adhere to the high-end positioning, a new scheme domination new international full house a total of 17 (including indoor and outdoor indoor hall and four outdoor pavilion), is a heroic, industry peak climbing again.There will be nearly 2500 exhibitors from many countries and regions in the world in which the more throughout the world star-rated hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, dealers, such as 150000 + professional buyers to site visit to negotiate, all net global hotel catering and high-end food and beverage resources.

Again, starting from the multiple perspectives multi-dimensional medium, HOTELEX will continue to "events, exhibition, BBS" all-round promotion fair soft power, in the form of variety show to attract more attention to participate in the industry.

2018 HOTELEX finely crafted, major professional edition piece all appearance

HOTELEX constantly improve their own comprehensive strength, dimensional multi media from several different perspectives, all-round meet the different needs of between suppliers and professional buyers, fully play the platform of the angel "industry", true high gold content "・ win-win cooperation".Bravely hotel and catering industry peak, the unique style of business model for the division of science organic induction - 27th session of Shanghai international hotel and restaurant industry exposition, the eight sections on display.